Made in Italy

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Made in Italy knitwear since 1962

Maglificio Denny has always been a manufacturer of 100% made in Italy knitwear, as we believe in Italian skills, professionalism and craftsmanship.

Made in Italy is excellence in fashion. The success of a production that is completely made in Italy communicates values such as quality and creativity of a brand. But not only. Today made in Italy is also synonymous with elegance, exclusivity, prestige, thanks to the great Italian brands recognized internationally.

The product we produce requires skills and great professionalism, as well as important raw materials. This is what we offer to the private labels that rely on us, and the values on which our brands are founded.

From 1962... today.

100% made in Italy

Processing steps

Our team manages every stage of processing, from the design of the model, to the sampling, up to the wrapped and shipped garments.

1. Style

Our style department carries out continuous research on trends to study and create new collections, as well as interpret and develop customized models that are assigned to us by brand/private label according to their style.

2. Modeling and Prototyping

The models come to life on paper and then the knitting program is created on the computer to proceed with the knitting of the first prototype, which will be followed by various flaws to achieve the desired result.

3. Knitting

From yarn to knit.
In this phase we proceed with the weaving of the garment in all its parts which will later be assembled through the linking machine.

4. Linking

Our linking machines specialists assemble the garments with precision and attention to detail. A craftsmanship that gives more prestige to the garment.

Rifinitura a mano maglieria

5. Puntino a mano

Each garment goes through the phase of hand finishing , the so-called “puntino a mano” in Italy, in addition to the application of various accessories according to the models: zips, buttons, eyelets, buttonholes.

6. Washing

Each garment is diligently treated and washed; this phase is very important because it gives the garment softness.

Controllo qualità maglificio

7. Quality check

Quality is a prerogative for us and for our customers. During the different phases our staff makes sure that each garment complies with quality standards, passing to the final check on the luminous mannequin.

8. Customization

We create personalized hand embroidery with names, initials, dates: an extra touch of refinement that makes the garment or accessory unique and perfect for a special gift.

9. Labeling, Ironing and Packaging

We have reached the final phase, where the garment, checked and validated by quality control, is labeled, ironed, measured and bagged, ready to be delivered to the customer.

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