Fine yarns


Quality of raw materials

Fine yarns such as cashmere and merino wool

The most important thing on which the quality of a garment is based is the choice of yarns and fabrics with which we mean to produce it.
Each collection begins with the research and choice of yarns and fabrics that, according to our experience and expertise, we believe are suitable for what we want to achieve. Subsequently, the materials are tested through various processes to understand if they can be used and transformed to create the knitwear desired by the customer or designed for our collections.

Precious yarns such as cashmere, virgin merino wool, alpaca, silk and viscose are used for winter garments. For spring and summer garments: cotton, silk, linen, viscose, but also a cashmere and silk blend or wool and silk in very fine gauges.

The choice of using fine yarns makes the Denny knitwear factory products of Italian excellence. Thanks to the constant selection of fine raw materials and the control of all the production phases, we are able to transform fine yarns into garments with a sophisticated design.

Fine yarns


Very fine natural noble fiber, obtained from the fleece of the Hyrcus goat, native to the mountainous areas of Asia. Cashmere is considered a very fine yarn thanks to its characteristics of softness and lightness, as well as its rarity and insulation capacity from cold and heat.
This yarn is used for warm and fresh garments with different finenesses, often together with other fine yarns such as merino wool and silk.

Lana merino

Merino Wool

Natural fiber and a very fine wool type that comes from sheep of the Merino or Merinos breed, native from Spain in the 12th century and today mainly widespread in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is special because it is a worsted wool, and for this reason called cold wool and can be worn most of the year.

Lino filato


The summer “noble” fiber par excellence, is completely vegetable. Thanks to its characteristics, it is used for the production of clothing and also many accessories for the home. Linen is loved because it is very fresh, breathable, resistant, hypoallergenic and bactericidal. Finally, flax cultivation is also sustainable as it enriches the humus of the soil, does not need artificial irrigation, is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.


Textile fiber 100% natural vegetable, widely used in the textile sector because it is very versatile. Generally lighter garments are made of cotton, but it is also suitable for cold seasons because it retains body heat. The characteristics for which cotton is a popular fiber are: resistance, lightness, softness and breathability. It is also hypoallergenic and 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
Many of the cotton fibers we use for our collections are eco-sustainable and GOTS certified .


Knitting works

The knitwear is made up of numerous knit stitches, each of which gives the garment its particularity and uniqueness. Inside our archive of over 60 years of activity of the knitwear factory, there are thousands of options and knit stitches to choose from. Ribs, English knit, jacquard, inlay, links: these are just some of the knitting stitches that we are able to make on various gauges and yarns.

Punti maglia

Finenesses and machinery


Our machinery is made up of all the possible finenesses in knitwear, both in the traditional straight line and in the integral garment machine. We have several Shima Seiki, some Stoll, and Steiger .

The subtleties range from 18 to 3, but we are more well structured on the fineness 14, 12 and 7.

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