Fine Yarns


The most important thing for the quality of a garment is the choice of yarn / fabrics that compose it. Each collection starts with the choice of a number of yarns and fabrics that we think are appropriate to what we want to achieve, then the materials are tested through various processes to see if they can be used and processed to create the ideal garment for our collections. Usually yarns used for the winter collection are: cashmere, cashmere silk, viscose and finest merino wool. For the spring / summer collection: cotton, silk, linen, viscose as well as mixed cashmere / silk or wool / silk thin titles.


The decision to use the finest yarns makes the garments of Denny excellence Italian knitwear products. Through continuous monitoring of raw materials and all stages of production we can transform excellent raw materials in garments with a refined and captivating design. The wisdom in choosing raw materials is the starting point from which the magic of our garments come to life.


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