Quality knitwear is a complex product to be made, with many steps involved before arriving at the final garment : from the sketch on paper through the study of the right yarn to be used, testing and trials to find the right hand, the point that brings out the best form that yarn, to find the right proportion in volume and forms to give the garment its unique connotation . Only through years on the field of fashion knitwear, through experience we are able to give life to a simple sketch on paper and a fine yarn a unique item of knitwear.


The craftsmanship of our production is reflected in the style of our gartments . A timeless style . A style marked by the Made in Italy, the quality of workmanship and respect of the Italian knitwear tradition production principles. Produce a cashmere sweater for us means selecting the best raw materials and cure the processing in every detail . It means creating unique items to see and wear.


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