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Denny knitwear factory, founded in 1952, under its present name since 1962, started its activity of Production for Women Knitwear, Man and accessories in Cashmere and much more suppling italian and foreign market as a household company.

The founder, Mrs. Flora assisted later by her son Roberto Ciampolini, turns her attention to provide an high quality product on the market, aptitude that still remains today one of the strengths of the company.

For over thirty years, in the same tradition of excellence, Denny collection is identified as a knitting product MADE IN ITALY, created with fine yarns, from cashmere, merino, viscose to cotton and silk.

Denny’s collection is created with the intent to meet a high-end market, it’s designed and conceived on solid bases pointing to quality and modern design.

The passion and love for knitting is the main driver, and the working group combines professionalism, technical competence and artisan creativity.

Denny has within his company, a department specifically dedicated to the sampling phase, following its collections from the planning through to the final product. Tradition and creativity are also dedicated to other brands for the development of custom collections.


Earlier Denny proposed a casual style, but over time, due to attention it had always concerned the quality of production and the selection of fine yarns, has decided to rely on a new stylist letting inspiring by the Italian tradition of cashmere.
The Denny line offers high quality knitwear products. Items are inspired by the knitwear traditions, in order to create timeless products. The attention to detail makes each item unique. The careful choice of the best raw materials allows our items to be beautiful to see, to touch and to wear. Passion applied to dedication is our mission. Ideas of style have made Denny a unique collection.

After the success and appreciation for Denny and Flora collections, two years ago we launched a new line, Emelin, designed for a woman who wants to be trendy, to dress fashionably and search the news in fashion style, reaching a real added value for her style.
A very modern line. Each season best fashion trends are searched and dicovered to produce a highly fashionable collection. Our team realizes both conceptual investigations and researches along the Country to be able to offer the most fashionable style of the season.


Dopo i successi e gli apprezzamenti per le linee Denny e Flora Fedi, da due anni abbiamo lanciato una nuova linea, Emelin, pensata per una donna che ricerca la tendenza che vuole vestire alla moda e ricerca nell’attualità del capo il vero valore aggiunto.
Una linea molto moderna, attuale. Ogni stagione vengono ricercati i più importanti trend di stile della stagione per produrre una collezione altamente alla moda. Il nostro team realizza indagini sia concettuali che sul territorio per riuscire a proporre lo stile più attuale della stagione.


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